Australian artist. Creator of dimensional realism.
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Deana Evstefeeva was born in Khabarovsk Russia, where her love for art began. At the age of six, she passed the entry exams at Khabarovsk Art School for Children. She later received a scholarship to study visual arts in Khabarovsk College of the Arts, the only female student in her class.

          “My favorite painting style was always the impressionism,” She recalls. “I loved all the amazing color spectrum, shades, and textures.”

          Consequently, throughout her formal training and experience, she developed her own style that brings a sense of realism to her pieces. By balancing the saturation of realistic colors that nature provides and sculpturing texture she can convey movement and life into her canvases. She learned to paint in every medium, sculpt with clay and carve wood. By combining these techniques, she now instills “metaphysical expressive realism”, a phrase a famous artist in Moscow used to describe her art. She uses palette knives and impasto mediums with oil paints to create voluptuous volumes using her sculpturing experience and knowledge to create the 3-D effect.

Besides living in Russia, she has resided in Australia and now the United States of America, where she continues to nurture her skills while caring for her family. While living in the USA, she has received both a special merit, and special recognition, for two of her paintings within “Animals” 2018 in Light Space Time online art gallery, which can be seen here:

In addition, she has also received two special merits within the Landscape competition, with Light Space Time online art gallery. Deana is a member of the Art Guild of Louisiana, as well as being a  member of Fine Art America, and NOAPS (National Oil and Acrilic Painter’s Society). She has sold multiple paintings through galleries, websites, word of mouth, and had an art dealer who sold her work as well, during her time in Australia and USA.

She recently participated in juried “49th Annual River Road Show” and exhibition in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Showcase and feature artist at Artworks by Ted Bertrand in Sunset, Louisiana (October 2018).

She also participated in a radio interview with KRVS hosted by Esther Tyree “J’Savais Pas” (October 2018)

Soho Art Party by Dacia Gallery NYC participated in group showcase (October 2018)

Future exhibition will be held in Agora Gallery NYC in April of 2019.

Feature artist in Guild Magazine (NYC) Art Issue 2

Deana Evstefeeva has a growing Youtube channel, titled as Deana Eve, where she continues to share her passion with the world. In one of her videos she can be seen varnishing her miniature paintings that can be viewed here:

studio shot 02.06.18.JPG